Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Attempts at Organization

Pen box!  Electronics tray!
My desk is always a mess.  Junk mail, random tchotchkes, and important papers alike seem to end up littering its surface.  And since I like to work in an uncluttered space, my desk hasn't been used much in the last two weeks.  So I took a couple of hours yesterday to clear it off, and devised a new organizational system: the pen box and the electronics tray.

I am forever looking for my chargers (both cell phone and iPod) as well as my iPod itself.  Every time I put these away in a drawer, I end up spending twenty minutes searching my drawers to find them, as naturally I've forgotten into which drawer I placed them.  So my new system is the out-in-the-open, on-the-corner-of-my-desk electronics tray.  This way, I'll know where they are, but each of these random cords has a home after they've served their purpose.  I've already used it a couple of times today!  The pen box was devised as a way to have the pens I reach for most closest to me.

So, new year, new organization, more use of the desk, and more productivity.

Crafters, what new organizational tricks do you have up your sleeve this January?

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