Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cupcake Fondue

My wish came true, here's cupcake fondue!

As you may remember, I posted a link to Bake It Pretty's recipe for cupcake fondue, and was very excited to try it! I was unable to procure a fondue pot, but it was not necessary for this faux fondue. The icing does not need to be kept warm to stay a dippable texture. Please click the link above for the recipe, and check out my pictures below to see how my version came out! It makes an adorable spread. (Feel free to ignore the chocolate covered cashews, they were my neighbor on the dessert table!)

 The cute bowls came from the $1 bins at Target, and I filled them with all kinds and colors of sprinkles! I also offered two flavors of icing, one made with lemon juice and one with pomegranate juice. The lemon was a hit, but my fiancĂ©e said the pomegranate tasted like Fruit Loops!

Katherine's boyfriend was an eager volunteer when it was time to show the proper way to add sprinkles, and equally eager to taste the results!

 Simple to make, pretty to display, fun to eat, and delicious!
I will certainly make these again for another party.

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