Monday, March 21, 2011

Almost Married Monday- Love Chain Calendar

Happy Monday!
Here is a super easy and way cute way to count down to an event. I used to make these for Christmas, but this one is very special, and is counting down to my wedding day.

For this project you will need:

construction paper in your chosen color/s
tape or a really good glue stick - tape is faster
push pins- optional

You will start by cutting your paper into equal size strips along the short edge. It doesn't really matter how wide you make them, pick a size you like. An inch or so works nicely. 

Next, take one strip and curl it around so that both ends touch each other. Attach them with you glue or tape. If you use glue, note that you may need to clip the ends together until it dries. I started by using glue, but with the length of chain I wanted to make it was taking too long, so I switched to tape. 

Run a second strip of paper through your first loop, and attach it to itself in the same way you did the first. Continue until your chain is as long as you need.

It is really fun to play with colors and patterns. For my chain, I made the regular color orange, and added white links at each month from the wedding, as well as each week before the wedding during the last month. 

Each day leading up to your event you can remove one link, giving you a clear visual idea of how much longer  the wait will be! It helps to write dates on each link so you can be sure you haven't missed a day, and it is fun to write other important dates, like birthdays, on it too. 

When you are finished, hang it somewhere you will see it everyday with tape or push pins, and enjoy your personalized countdown calendar!

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