Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cardboard Safari!

We have a fireplace in our new house, and I've been looking for the perfect forest-themed objets d'art to hang on either side.  When I discovered Cardboard Safari, I knew I'd found what I'd been looking for!  These animal "trophies" are made from recycled cardboard, a whimsical comment on the environment and hunting for sport.  In addition to being a little humorous.

The trophies come unassembled for efficient shipping, so part of the fun is popping the pieces out of their frames and putting them together:

The deer head above is called "Buck Jr." on the Cardboard Safari website.  I also purchased Fred Jr., the moose:

I love the way the crisp white looks against the wood paneling.  Very sculptural!  Here's how they look together on either side of the fireplace (I apologize for the photo quality, I really need a better camera):

The mantle still needs work, but with these trophies and the lovely hand-blown green glass vase Alyse gave me as a housewarming gift, the fireplace wall is coming together!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, Crafters!


  1. In addition to being hilarious, those are perfect!


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