Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Feature: Coveted Crafts

Every Thursday, Dexter & Dinah will feature a new crafter/artisan whose works are handmade.

My boyfriend has taken a shine to the birds and squirrels who flock to the magnolia tree in our yard.  We have a PetSmart right around the corner from us, and about once a week he goes to buy a big block of Squirrelola (squirrel food) and suet for our bird feeder.  Both the man and our cat then spend an hour or two staring out our window watching the squirrels chase each other and the birds as they run around the yard hiding the food.

I'm thinking a bird feeder like this one might be the perfect addition to the yard, so we can attract some of the bigger birds:

Hanging Bird Feeder, Tray Style
The entire bird feeder is made from reclaimed or salvaged materials.  In fact, everything in Etsy seller Andrew's Reclaimed shop is from reclaimed and salvaged materials.  I'm eying this soap dish, which is sold by itself or in packs of six or ten, as a great little gift to tuck into holiday baskets:

Soap Dishes, Pack of 6, Reclaimed Cedar
Lovely, practical, and environmentally friendly!

Happy Thursday Crafters!

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