Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Feature: Coveted Crafts

Every Thursday, Dexter & Dinah will feature a new crafter/artisan whose works are handmade.

I've been doing a lot of work out of our home office lately, which is, I must admit, incredibly messy.  I just have far too many odds and ends and not enough storage options.  Which is why I love the idea of these handy felt bins, which would fit on top of my bookshelf, on a side table beside the desk, or even under the desk:

Bohemian Poppies Fabric Bins

Even better, they are made of felt which is made from recycled plastic bottles, and the interfacing is also made with recycled plastic bottles.  What a great use for a plastic bottle you'd otherwise toss in the recycling!  Plus, the fact that they are really attractive with hand embroidered details doesn't hurt either.

Gypsy Forest Fabric Bins

Happy Thursday Crafters!

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