Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Feature: Coveted Crafts

Every Thursday, Dexter & Dinah will feature a new crafter/artisan whose works are handmade.

Etsy has proven to be a terrific source of inspiration for me.  I have an almost-spent candle on my desk in a lovely glass vessel with a lid.  I don't want to trash the glass vessel once the candle is done.  And then it hit me - terrariums! Lately I've been fascinated by the whimsy and prettiness of these little low-maintenance ecosystems.  Etsy seller MossTerrariums has a perfect example of what I have in mind:

Mushroom moss and lichen terrarium
I love the cute little red polka-dot mushrooms!  It's like a scene from a fairy tale.  MossTerrariums also features one of my personal favorite terrarium ideas - the repurposed light bulb.

Light Bulb Moss and Lichen Terrarium
Again, the tiny mushroom - really cute.  What a great idea to avoid another used incandescent in a land fill.

Happy Thursday Crafters!  And also, Happy Birthday Mom!

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