Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Berry-Mint Smoothie

This isn't so much a recipe, as a strong suggestion.  Throw some mint in your smoothie.

Have you seen the commercials for this gum?

A link if you want a lot of this gum

In the commercial, the members of a focus group all start screaming about how the gum shifts flavors from berry to mint, and to calm one another down, they throw water in each other's faces.  While I haven't tried the gum, I'm not sure the experience would be quite as potentially-assault-inducing as the commercial would make it seem.

It did get me thinking, though.  Why not just have berry AND mint together?  (I know there are gums out there that do that, but stay with me here, people.)  And lo, the berry-mint smoothie was born.

Also because I had leftover mint from another recipe and I hate, HATE, wasting herbs, as they are quite expensive.  And I am a cheapskate.

I'm an uncomplicated-smoothie-ingredient kind of woman.  I don't care for bananas in my smoothie at all, and I could take or leave the myriad of juice combinations they present to you at smoothie shops.  I like my smoothies with berries, yogurt, and soy or regular milk, more like a healthy milkshake.  And now, with mint, as it adds that unexpected and delicious twist to your drink.  But if you like all the fruit juices and bananas, go for it.

Berry-Mint Smoothie

Serves 1 (I'm the only one who drinks smoothies in this household)

1/2 cup frozen berries
5-6 mint leaves
2-3 heaping tablespoons yogurt, plain or vanilla (tip: if you used plain, as I did, you are definitely going to want to add a teaspoon or so of sugar.  I use brown sugar, as it works really well with the mint.)
Soy or 1% milk
Optional: half a banana, orange or apple juice

Combine all ingredients in a blender.  Add milk until ingredients are fully covered.  Turn on your blender and leave it running for a few seconds.  Add more milk as needed so smoothie is your desired consistency.  Garnish with mint leaf.  I imagine this would be great doubled, tripled or quadrupled for a breakfast party, just as long as it doesn't overwhelm your blender.

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