Sunday, November 21, 2010

Project: Autumn Inspired Table Setting, Part 2

It's almost time for Thanksgiving, and the perfect time for a fun and festive project! These placemats are cute and simple, and I have received many compliments on them. If you would like to make the tablecloth as well, please see my post about it here.

The autumn table

You will need:
*Felt - multiple colors of the precut rectangle pieces
*Felt - dark brown by the yard for the edges/ backing
*Rotary cutter - optional
*Sewing machine
*Measuring tape
*Straight pins


First, look at the premade pieces of felt, and decide if you want to add another layer to the back for thickness and to create a border. I chose to do this, but you can skip it if you want this project to be really quick and easy. (Just remember your placemats will be a bit smaller)

To make the backing, simply measure your felt by the yard so that it is an inch or two longer on each side than the precut pieces and cut it out. 

Center the precut piece on the piece you just cut, pin it together, and sew!

Trying different stitches can create a fun look.

Next, sketch some accent ideas out on paper. Draw the ones you like best in the size you want, trace around them lightly with a pen or pencil, and cut them out. 

It is important to cut out the entire shape in the base color. For example; I cut out the entire pumpkin in orange, even though I wanted the stem to be brown. The layers will add more volume to the project and make it much easier to put together.

Cut out any detail pieces, such as the stem, in your desired color.

Put the pieces together as you want them, pin them in place on the precut rectangle sheets of felt, and carefully sew around the edges.

Sewing some details in by hand really makes these placemats pop!

Notice the detail work on the pumpkin and the leaf

Make as many placemats as you like, and get ready for a beautiful autumn table and many compliments! My favorite was when my fiancĂ©e asked me where I bought them.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!
The forecast may call for snow, but I am holding onto fall for a little longer.

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