Friday, September 17, 2010

The Table Has Arrived!

Remember the dining room chairs?  Well, the dining room table has arrived!

The table ended up matching the chairs perfectly (they're all teak, after all).  There's a lot of wood going on in there!  I'm in the process of exploring ideas for wall decor, table runners and mats, et cetera to give the room a little more light and personality - there are some great craft projects in store!  I also need to rehabilitate the table itself.  This is the table I grew up with, so it's had plenty of water, hot, homemade food, and a couple of forks thrown at it over the years (little brothers will throw tantrums).  With a little steel wool and some teak oil I ought to be able to restore the table to something of its former glory.  This will also be the site of future crafting - I'm very excited!

Just to prove the table is already getting some use, here's a few pictures of our very first meal in the dining room, complete with, um, temporary place mats.

A big salad, some smoked salmon, and lots of warm, crusty bread - a great inaugural meal.  

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