Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Feature: Coveted Crafts

Every Thursday, Dexter & Dinah will feature a new crafter/artisan whose works are handmade.

Part of the inspiration for this blog was the idea of creating useful and aesthetically pleasing crafts and works of art out of ordinary objects.  I particularly like the idea of using objects that would be thrown away or otherwise disposed off if they weren't turned into something new and beautiful.  Etsy seller Bottlehood features upcycled glasses, tumblers, and pendant lamps out of liquor, beer, and wine bottles that would otherwise be destined for the recycling plant or a landfill.  How striking is this pendant lamp, made from a leftover bottle of Skyy Vodka?

Upcycled Skyy Vodka Pendant Lamp
I also like the graphic feel of this pendant lamp with the text of the original bottle prominently featured:

Absolut Mandarin hanging light pendant with canopy
While I already have glasses coming out of my ears, I still rather fancy these charming amber-colored tumblers, which highlight the French beer company's logo printed in the glass:

Amber recycled bottle glass tumbler

Bottlehood is based out of San Diego and emphasizes that its bottles are all sourced from local restaurants to reduce its carbon footprint.  Hmm, maybe I could find someone who would be willing to help me turn my own love for bottles into usable art a little bit closer to home...

Happy Thursday crafters!


  1. I knew a guy that made tumblers out of the bottle of wine Bottles. It was pretty neat seeing the bubble at the bottom of the glass. He said it was really is to do. He just bought a glass cutting attachment for his saw. Maybe Ryan could do it!

  2. Good idea! I'm going to investigate doing some of this myself (or, as you suggest, having Ryan do it).


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