Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Feature: Coveted Crafts

Every Thursday, Dexter & Dinah will feature a new crafter/artisan whose works are handmade.

This Thursday's Coveted Crafts is a short one, as we have a lot of fun projects/recipes coming your way this weekend.  One ordinary object that I am forever looking for new ways to turn into something extraordinary is the common t-shirt.  My boyfriend has about a thousand t-shirts stained with bike grease that I'm finding new ways to repurpose - I hate throwing anything away!  While I'm working on a t-shirt rug, I also find this t-shirt tote bag from SquirrelProductions quite charming:

Upcyled t-shirt yarn farmer's market tote bag

It is made entirely from upcycled t-shirts!  It looks roomy enough for quite a few groceries or picnic supplies.  While I've long known how to knit, I think it is high time for me to learn how to crochet, so I too can create things as innovative as this.

Happy Thursday Crafters!

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